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Euro 2008

Euro 2008 takes over our lives this June and with it comes a whole host of spread betting opportunities!

One advantage of England not being there is that we can look at things without any bias -and in the process we can make ourselves a big fat profit!

With Sporting Index offering markets on the outright winner, all the matches and each individual team it means that there is something for everybody - from the serious punters to those that just want a bit of added fun and interest in a game.

Outright Index
Updated 20/6/08

If you know who's going to perform well in Euro 2008 take a look at the outright market offered by Sporting Index:

Germany 71-74

Holland 56-59

Croatia 51-54

Spain 48-51

Italy 47-50

Turkey 34-37

Russia 34-37

(100pts winner, 75pts R/Up, 50pts Lose Semi-final, 25pts Lose Quarter-final, 0pts all others)

Further down we've posted a selection of bets that are currently offered by Sporting Index -we'll update these each day, so keep coming back to check on the progress of the markets. All bets can be traded at any time during the tournament. In addition you can visit the Sporting Index website to see the vast range of bets available on every live game -and believe us, there are loads of amazing bets!!

Euro 2008 Specials
Updated 20/6/08

Picking who's going to win Euro 2008 is the easy job -how about having a bet on the total number of goal minutes in the tournament or how many time the ball with hit the crossbar during the 31 matches?

Total Goals
74.6 - 75.4
Headed Goals 14.2 - 14.7 16
Fastest Goal 188 - 192 78 secs
Total Goal Mins 4120 - 4170 3920
Total Goal Yards 815 - 825 910
Own Goals
0.35 - 0.45
313 - 316
154 - 158
Fouls 1070 - 1080 1146
Yellow Cards
126 - 129
Red Cards
4.4 - 4.8
Wide Shots
(must go out for a goal kick)
354 - 358
Extra Time Goals
1.6 - 1.8
MIssed Penalties
5 - 5.5
'Dodgy Keeper'
(1pt each time a keeper punches)
53 - 55
'Last Orders'
(1 pt each time ball hits crossbar)
13.25 - 13.75
Golden Boot Index click for details Baros (5)

Many of these bets can be placed for as little as £1 per point, with bets like goal minutes and goal yards -much lower.
Don't forget that these bets can be closed or opened at any time during the tournament - see our in running page for details, as we will be updating the spreads after each game!

See our tutorials page for full explanations of how spread betting works.

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Comments Page - follow this link to view what our readers are buying/selling in the tournament and with your tips and best bets.



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