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Sports Spread Betting - Euro 2004 Fixtures

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Every game is being screened by either BBC or ITV during Euro 2004 with 2 games each day, one at 5pm and one at 7.45pm. For you information, we've put together the whole schedule below:

Date Fixture Group Time TV
12 June Portugal v Greece A 5pm BBC
12 June Spain v Russia A 7.45pm BBC
13 June Switzerland v Croatia B 5pm BBC
13 June France v England B 7.45pm ITV
14 June Denmark v Italy C 5pm ITV
14 June Sweden v Bulgaria C 7.45pm ITV
15 June Czech Rep v Latvia D 5pm ITV
15 June Germany v Holland D 7.45pm BBC
16 June Greece v Spain A 5pm BBC
16 June Russia v Portugal A 7.45pm ITV
17 June England v Switzerland B 5pm ITV
17 June Croatia v France B 7.45pm BBC
18 June Bulgaria v Denmark C 5pm BBC
18 June Italy v Sweden C 7.45pm ITV
19 June Latvia v Germany D 5pm ITV
19 June Holland v Czech Rep D 7.45pm BBC
20 June Russia v Greece A 7.45pm BBC
20 June Spain v Portugal A 7.45pm BBC
21 June Croatia v England B 7.45pm BBC
21 June Switzerland v France B 7.45pm BBC
22 June Italy v Bulgaria C 7.45pm ITV
22 June Denmark v Sweden C 7.45pm ITV
23 June Holland v Latvia D 7.45pm ITV
23 June Germany v Czech Rep D 7.45pm ITV
24 June Portugal v England QF1 7.45pm TBA
25 June France v Greece QF2 7.45pm TBA
26 June Sweden v Holland QF3 7.45pm TBA
27 June Czech Rep v Denmark QF4 7.45pm TBA
30 June Portugal v Holland   7.45pm TBA
1 July Greece v Czech Rep   7.45pm TBA
4 July Final   7.45pm TBA


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