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Sports Spread Betting - Euro 2004

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We've provided this page for you to submit your fancied spread bets for Euro 2004. Whether you fancy a specific team or a tournament special, please with your fancy and we'll post your thoughts for all to read.

'I've just brought Rooney on the Golden Boot Index at 42. 60pts if he is top scorer. We'll get to the final and he'll keep scoring. 18 pts profit. ROOOOONEY.
Ads - Southampton'

'Great site. I've sold total tournament corners for £4 a corner at 320. There are never many corners in international matches. I think the total will end up at around 270. 50pts profit is £200!
keep up the good work.'
Pete - Cambridge

'France should win the tournament with their players. I've brought them at 55 on the tournament index for £10 a point. When they qualify for the 1/4's i'll close out and should get a price around 63 or 64 to close. Easy profit of £80 or £90.'
Paul - Harrow

'Hi guys. I've brought Sweden at 20 on the tournament index for £10 a point. Think they will certainly make the quarter finals and get me at least 25 points, and will then probably play Holland or the Czechs, so could make the semis and 50pts.
Also had a look at some of the specials but not had a bet yet. I'm waiting for the total tournament bookings - any ideas when that will be realeased?'
Jake - Stirling

'Morning fella's. Some interesting stuff on your site. I've never spread betted before but i've just opened a Sporting Index account online which was pretty easy. I'll get a £200 free supremacy bet after i've placed 10 bets, so i'll mail you for suggestions of who to back after my 10 bets - you better be right!
I've decided to put my first bet on total headed goals in the tournament. I've brought at £10 per headed goal at 15. I can't lose a lot, but I reckon there will be more than 15 so I should win a few quid. It'll also be a bit of fun willing headed goals for the 31 games as well. Come on headers!!!'
Rick - Sheffield

'The Italians and Swedes are good bets for Group C. I'm buying them both on the group and tournament index. May get out after the group stages, but not sure yet. Will keep you posted.'
Dave Evans - Swansea

'Just been looking through some of the bets that you've posted. Some of them look quite attractive - total goals, wides etc, but you've got to be mad to do total tournament goal minutes. Bloody hell, i'd be scared to death of that bet!
Might have a go on total goals though. I've worked through each fixture in the groups and get 75 goals after 24 games. I think that a buy at 78 is pretty good value with 7 more games to come after the groups. Just need to open an account now - how does the £200 free bet work?'
Alex - Brighton

' I've just had a look at some of the special bets and I've done the dodgy keeper bet for a bit of fun. I've brought at £5 per point at 56. The continental keepers that i've seen over the years have a tendacy to punch the ball whenever it goes near them, so i think that could be a winner. Regardless, it'll be a laugh with my mates, yelling at the keepers to punch all the time!'
Andrew Jakes - Leyland

'Euro 2004 will be a goal fest. Buy total tournament goals at 77.5. I have.'
Swifty - St Albans

'I think there'll be a load of red cards in this tournament. The referees want to be centre stage these days. A good buy at 8. I'm gonna do it for £10 a point.'
Mikey C - Croydon





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