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Spread Betting Books

In association with Amazon, we are pleased to offer the following excellent books
which provide superb coverage of all aspects of Sports Spread Betting!

An Insider's Guide - Dan Townend

Book Description
To compile this definitive and (relatively) up-to-date guide to all aspects of Sports Spread Betting, Daniel Townend interviewed countless insiders in spread betting firms and sports journalism plus successful punters.

The book includes chapters on the major individual sports, details all the different markets offered and the differences between the spread betting firms.

The Definitive and Up-To-Date Guide to Sports Spread Betting has sections on:

1) The philosophy of a spread bettor
2) Lies, damned lies and statistics...but how the spread firms swear by them.
3) What moves the market...what traders are thinking when they are setting markets
4) Money-management - know what your losses could be
5) In-running betting
6) Football - Why, despite being the national obsession, football is the hardest sport on which to win
7) Cricket and how it is the perfect spread bet sport
8) Rugby - The elite teams and inside comment from Ian Robertson
9) Golf - The majors vs. the run of the mill competitions.
10) American Football, Motor Racing & Greyhound Racing
11) Politics - The intrigue of insider information from the halls of Westminster with inside comment from Peter Kellner

We read this book cover to cover in one sitting. It is a riveting read if you're into Spread Betting, it covers all sports and all types of bets. Highly recommended for both beginners and/or experienced spread bettors.

Published: 1/6/03 Pages: 224 Price: £12

Spread Betting - A Football Fans Guide - Brett Arends

Book Description
Brett Arends covers all aspects of football Spread Betting in this book
-from the types of bets available to examples of his and other punters' past bets.

He explains each bet in turn in a very simplistic format leaving all readers
in no illusion as to the mechanics and volatility of spread betting on football.

Predicting a big score in the match on Saturday? Buy total goals. Convinced a multimillion-pound signing will prove a huge flop? Sell his performance. Fancy a local team to surprise everyone with a strong run in the League? Buy their championship points.

Today more than 100,000 people in the UK are turning their football knowledge into profit through spread betting, the fastest-growing phenomenon in gambling worldwide. Unlike traditional fixed odds betting, the spreads allow punters to bet against teams as well as for them, to place and close bets during the match and even to make money on a game before a ball has been kicked.

This book strips out the off-putting financial jargon and explains the system in clear English.
Using real examples from English and European football, it takes you from the basics to the sophisticated techniques used by the professional gamblers. Drawing on exclusive interviews with the bookmakers and players, it opens the door on what has become a multimillion-pound industry.

Published: 29/8/02 Pages: 208 Price: £6.00

Spread Betting - Andrew Burke, Compton Hellyer

Book Description
This is a guide to the world of spread betting. The author details all the basics and goes on to examine more complex areas such as value, risk and how to form markets.

The author ensures all players are warned of the risks inherent in this form of betting and offers some sensible advice concerning various damage limitation exercises you can perform in order to minimize such risks. There is also plenty of space devoted to discussing the mechanics of the betting and how to spot potentially profitable trades.

Published: 6/7/98 Pages: 188 Price: £9.00

Successful Spread Betting - Geoff Harvey

Book Description
Spread betting offers investors a simple and direct way of dealing in the world's financial markets. and this book uses the financial markets as a guide to how to spread bet on sporting events.

It cites the advantages of using spread betting -as opposed to the normal form of bookmaking.

The author provides a guide to this popular method of betting that can be employed in the financial markets and upon sporting events.

The author has endeavoured further than most others before him and taken the time to explain and explore alongside the reader the intracacies of the financial markets in relation to spread betting.

Whilst other texts merely brush over the topic the author here meticulates the practice involved and has put together a rather well stocked reference piece for novel and the more experienced "spread betters" alike.

Published: 1/10/98 Pages: 144 Price: £11.00

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