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Wimbledon 2011

There's a buzz around Wimbledon -could this be Andy Murray's big chance after his success at Queens? He'll have to beat two of the big three to claim the title. As ever, Sporting Index have spread markets on both the men's and women's singles -as well as lots of specials markets.

Wimbledon Preview
Here are the seeds for this year's Gentlemen's Singles:

Top 20 Men's Seeds
1. Rafa Nadal
2. Roger Federer
3. Novak Djovovic
4. Andy Murray
5. Robin Soderling
6. Tomas Berdych
7. David Ferrer
8. Andy Roddick
9. Gael Monfils
10. Mardy Fish
11. Jurgen Melzer
12. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
13. Viktor Troiki
14. Stanilas Wawrinka
15. Giles Simon
16. Nicolas Almagro
17. Richard Gasquet
18. Mikhail Youzhny
19. Michael Llodra
20. Florian Mayer

If you've seen the seedings and are tempted to have a punt on the tournament, you should have a look at the spread betting markets served up by Sporting Index. With £100 free cash on offer to new clients* (see below for full details), and a massive range of markets to bet on (including Total Tournament Tie-Breaks and Number of Tie-Break Points) you could be celebrating with a jug of Pimm's, no matter who lifts the trophy! Here are our thoughts on the draw to help you get started:

In the men's draw, it looks like being a repeat of the French Open, with Nadal v Murray and Federer v Djokovic looking likely semi-finals unless something goes wrong with the seeding committees' plans. For Federer, this could be his best chance at winning a grand slam this year -as grass is by far his favourite surface. We expect it to be yet another Nadal v Federer classic -with the Swiss man taking his revenge for Paris.

In the women's event Maria Sharapova looks to be the player to beat. She has returned from a shoulder injury and only the blustery conditions prevented her from progressing to the final at the French Open. It's difficult to assess the chances of the Williams sisters since they haven't played much over the last year -but they could their way into form and since they are in different halves of the draw, possibly meet in the final.

£100 Cash for New Clients**

Hopefully that's given you plenty to think about. If you haven't got a Sporting Index account yet, it's a good time to take advantage of the £100 cash on offer. Open an account* and place five bets, where each bet could win or lose £20, and you can claim a free £100 straight into your account** Click here to open an account


Sporting Index offer a huge number of spread betting markets on tennis. You can bet on:

1. The number of games in any match - several variations of this including the 'x courts' bet as explained below.
2. One player to beat another - the more he/she wins by, the more you win.
3. The number of tie-breaks in the tournament
4. The number of fifth set games in the mens singles.
5. The mens/womens winner etc etc

There are so many different bets, we cannot detail them all here. However if tennis is a game that you feel you know a lot about, have a look at Sporting Index and go to their tennis section where all bets are explained. As you will see, you can bet on all matches and the range and type of bets is staggering. It is also GREAT FUN and can be very profitable.

Also, when betting on the mens/womens winner or other tournament bets, you can trade in or out as the tournament progresses. So if you buy Federer at the start of the tournament and he makes it to the 1/4 finals, you could trade out of your bet before he plays in the 1/4's and make a reasonable profit. In other words, you can always cash your bets in at any time to lock any profit in - you don't have to wait until the tournament finishes for you to profit. See our in running page for more details.

We've provided a few tennis spread betting examples below:

Tennis X Courts Example - Murray playing Tsonga in the 1/4 final at Wimbledon. The spread for the 'Tennis X Courts' bet in this game is set at 94 -97. The points are made up by multiplying the number of games Murray wins in each set by the number of games Tsonga wins (ie 6 - 4 = 6 x 4 = 24) and then adding these totals up. So if you think that it will be a really close 5 set match you would buy, but if you think it will be one sided you would sell.
Say it is close and you bought for £2 per point at 97:
It goes to 5 sets with Murray winning the final set and the scoring is as follows:
6 - 4 (6 x4 =24)
5 -7 (35)
7 - 6 (42)
3 - 6 (18)
7 -5 (35)
The total number of points would be 24 + 35 + 42 + 18 + 35 = 154. You would therefore win 154 - 97 = 57 points at £2 per point = £114.
However if it had been pretty one sided, with Murray winning 3 sets to nil, you would probably lose, unless each set went to a tie break ie 7-6, 7-6, 7-6. Obviously in this example, the closer the game the more you will win if you've bought. Where you've sold, you clearly want a quick and very one sided game!

Nadal is playing Federer. Total number of games is set at 34 - 37. If you think that it will be close, and go to 4 or maybe 5 sets, you would BUY at 37. Alternatively, if you think one player will win easily you would sell at 34.
The final total is simply the total number of games in the match - ie 6-3, 6-4, 4-6, 7-5 would be 41. A BUYER would win, a SELLER would lose. It really is very simple.
How much you win or lose would depend upon how much per point you bet with. This can be anything from £1 to whatever you an afford.

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