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Sports Spread Betting - Euro 2004

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Euro 2004 has taken over our lives this June and there are a whole host of spread betting opportunities! Bets on the tournament, individual games and individual teams mean that there is something for everybody - from the serious punters to those that just want a bit of added fun.

Further down we've posted a selection of bets currently of offer from Sporting Index which we'll update each day. All bets can be traded at any time during the tournament. In addition you can visit the Sporting Index website to see the vast range of bets available on each individual live game - and believe us - there are loads!!

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The biggest spread betting firm Sporting index have doubled their new account bonus to an amazing £200 free bet, exclusively for Euro 2004! There has never been a better time to start spread betting!! To open an account and benefit from this superb offer visit their website and open an account online in minutes -24 hours a day - it really is that easy!! A selection of their prices and 'special bets' are detailed further down this page.


Don't forget that these bets can be closed or opened at any time during the tournament - see our in running page for details.

Total Number of Games = 31 - Spread's below are after 30 games with the current total in brackets

Total Tournament Goals = 75.1 - 75.4 (73 so far)
Total Tournament Corners = 351 - 352 (340 so far)
Total Tournament Goal Minutes = 3979 - 3989 (3869 so far) - aggregate time of each goal scored in the tournament! ie a goal scored in the 25th min (25pts) and a goal scored in the 85th min (85pts) = 110mins (110pts)
Total Tournament Offsides = 159 - 160 (154 so far)
Total Tournament Own Goals = 2.05 - 2.15 (2 so far)
Total Tournament Headed Goals = 15.4 - 15.5 (15 so far)
Total Goal Yardage = 932 - 935 (905 so far)- the aggregate total of the distance from goal in yards for each goal! - 10 yards = 10pts etc
Total Tournament Wides = 324 - 325 (314 so far) - the aggregate total of all shots on goal in the tournament that go wide, over, or hit the post or bar.
Total Tournament Yellow Cards = 145.5 - 146 (141 so far)
Total Tournament Red Cards = 6.2 - 6.3 (6 so far)
Fastest Tournament Goal (seconds) = 66.5 - 66.9 (67 so far)
Total Tournament Shirt Numbers = 928 - 931 (901 so far) - the aggregate total of each goal scorers shirt number
Put your shirt on it = 2.2 - 2.4 (2 so far) - 1pt each time a goal scorer removes his shirt in celebration!
Dodgy Keeper= 44 - 45 (43 so far) - 1pt each time a keeper punches the ball!
Last Orders - 10.3 - 10.4 (10 so far) - 1pt each time the ball hits the crossbar
(Last updated - 2 July)

Many of these bets can be placed for as little as £1 per point, with bets like goal minutes and goal yardage much lower.

1st 60pts, 2nd 40pts, 3rd 30pts, 4th 25pts, 5th 20pts, 6th 15pts, 7th 10pts, 8th 5pts

Rooney 49-50 - 4 so far
Van Nistelroy 49-50 - 4 so far
Henry 16.5-17.5 - 2 so far
Larsson 26.5-27.5 - 3 so far
Tomassen 26.5-27.5 - 3 so far
Trezeguet 3-4 - 1 so far
Koller 16.5-17.5 - 2 so far
Owen 3-3.75 - 1 so far
Pauletta 1-3 - 0 so far
Prso 3-3.75 - 1 so far
Morientes - 3-3.75 - 1 so far
Klose - MU 0

(Last update - 2 July)

To open an account with Sporting Index and get your £200 free bet, or simply to have a look at their other 'special' bets, click this link.

Comments Page - follow this link to view what our readers are buying/selling in the tournament and with your tips and best bets.

Tournament Index:

Currently after the Group stages the win index for the tournament offered by Sporting Index is as follows:
(100pts winner, 75pts Runner Up, 50pts Losing semi finalist, 25pts Losing Quarter finalist, 0pts all others)

France MU 25
Italy MU 0
Portugal 91.5-92.5
Spain MU 0
Holland MU 50
England MU 25
Czech R MU 50
Germany MU 0
Denmark MU 25
Sweden MU 25
Bulgaria MU 0
Croatia MU 0
Russia MU 0
Greece 81.5-82.5
Switzerland MU 0
Latvia MU 0

(You can buy or sell these teams, and close or open bets on this index after each game and each round. See our tutorials page for full explanations of how spread betting works.)



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