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American Sports

The USA has four major sports; American Football, Baseball, Basketball & Ice Hockey -all of which offer great betting opportunities! College sport is also huge in the states, with basketball and gridiron being the biggest attractions for this 'amateur form of the games.

Each of our sports pages gives you the latest news, and links to standings and schedules. For in-depth previews on each sport -click on the links NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA.

American Sports Spread Betting

American Football -NFL
The NFL is the hottest property in American sport -the 32 teams having a combined franchise value in excess of $20 billion!
One advantage of betting on NFL is the stop/start nature of the game, giving us plenty of chances to re-assess and take profits. If you think you can choose the superbowl winner then why not make it pay?

Basketball -NBA
Over the last 5 years the NBA has shot into the sports stratosphere and is now up with the NFL. Each NBA season has over 1000 games -most of which can be found on NASN and Sky Sports. Kobe and Le Bron can now be yours at the push of a button, so check out our NBA page and discover the best spread betting opportunities in the basketball world!

Baseball -MLB
In a season that stretches over 120 games and four different time zones -there is seemingly always a baseball game on somewhere in the states! So when all the midweek football has ended look no further than Major League Baseball... It's such a wide open contest this season -so get your world series bet on now, whilst the prices are still as high as (some) of the players!

Ice Hockey -NHL
The Stanley Cup is the holy grail of North American Ice Hockey, and you can get your fix of NHL action on NASN and Channel 5 most nights of the week during the season. Get the betting low-down right here...

College Sports -NCAA
Anyone who doubts the impact of college sports in the USA should know that its a game of numbers -more than 50 million fans attend games each week and their last tv deal earned the NCAA more than $6 billion for basketball alone! As a showcase for the stars of the future there's certainly nothing amateurish about college sports in the USA.

The Final Four and the BCS Championship game are among the most watched sports events in the world. With the College Bowl series of games around Christmas time -there's a top class american football game every day for 3 weeks! Don't miss out on the action, we'll give you the latest information and a guide to the best prices over the holiday period.

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