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NFL Spread Betting 2011/12

A big advantage of betting on American Football is the constant stop/start of the game.
This gives us an opportunity to re-assess and take profits or even close out before the market moves against us.

The tv coverage for the NFL is very good -with Channel 4 & Sky Sports doing their bit by showing both Sunday & Monday night football. There's also a Sunday night show on Radio Five Live Sports Extra which is very informative and can sometimes keep you ahead of those using tv pictures.

If you're new to the NFL scene or maybe someone who only tunes in for the Superbowl, but would like to know more then we will answer your questions:
a) How Is The NFL Set Up?
b) Who Plays Who?
c) So Which Are The Best Teams?
d) What's With All The Statistics?
e) What Are The Betting Opportunities?
f) Where & When Can I Bet On NFL?

How Is The NFL Set Up?
The 32 teams divide into two conferences, National and American -both of which have four regional divisions (North, South, East and West), each consisting of 4 teams.
The NFL regular season runs over 17 weeks and if a team goes all the way to the Superbowl they will play at least another two games.
The season runs from early September through to late December, with the play-offs taking place in early January and the Superbowl Final itself in February.

Who Plays Who?
Teams play the others in their division both home and away and also eleven other teams -some from their own and some from the other conference.

So This season (2011-12) is wide open with many teams in the mix to go all the way to the Superbowl. Two teams in the NFL who will be hoping to carry on where they left off last season are the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. Having a great Quarterback (QB) goes a long way to guaranteeing success -both Drew Brees of the Saints and Peyton Manning of the Colts are leading their their respective teams towards the Superbowl.

What's With All The Statistics?
Like most American sports, they believe that if they can measure it then they can manage it (and analyse it of course!). Hence, the game is awash with numbers, but all these figures can be helpful to the punter -as we get an insight into how many points may be scored in each game by whom and how defenses measure up against certain types of offense (running or rushing).
The site that has all the info that you could ever want or need is NFL stats.

What Are The Betting Opportunities?
Just like soccer, you can bet on the seasonal outcomes or individual games -although betting in-running is limited to the televised games.
The spread firms Sporting Index and Spreadex usually set spreads for the winning margins and the number of points scored in each game. These spreads are quite small so its unusual to win or lose too much, unless you are playing in high stakes. A more volatile market is the shirt numbers of touchdown scorers -with wide receivers wearing a shirt number of anything between 10-89!

If you take a long term view and want to have a bet that gives you some interest for 5 months then why not try to pick the winners of the National & American Conferences and also the NFL Superbowl winner. Our Superbowl page has everything you need to know about this years event.

Where & When Can I Bet On The NFL?
A great site to bookmark is nfluk.com as they provide excellent background information and franchise news. The tv schedule for the NFL can be found at livesportontv.com whilst there are several places to bet on American Football. Sporting Index (SI) have a fantastic range of markets on all aspects of NFL. Spreadex rank alongside SI as the market leaders in NFL spreads with many live games and long-term markets.

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