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Sports Spread Betting - In Running

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In running betting is one of the big advantages of spread betting. It is fascinating to watch a sporting event and see the 'spreads' for different bets on that event changing on a minute by minute basis depending upon what is, or what isn't happening.

The big benefit of 'in running' betting is that you can get in or out of a bet during the course of the event, tournament or season:

Euro 2004 Example:

All of the games are live and therefore will be traded in running, as will the 'special tournament bets'.
For example - The Total Tournament Goals Index has been quoted at 76-78. This means if you think there will not be many goals in the tournament you would sell at 76, or a lot of goals, you would buy at 78.

Say you have brought at 78 for £5 per goal. After each game the spread firm will offer a new price for 2 reasons:
1. To attract new punters to the bet
2. To offer the facility for people who have already had a bet to close

The new quote will depend upon the result of the last game. A high scoring game will see the new spread price increase and a low scoring game see it decrease.

If after 10 games there had been 38 goals with some high scoring early games, the new quote may be 89-92. This means that you could close your bet at 89 and make a profit of £55 (89 - selling price - minus 78 - the price you brought at = 11 x £5 = £55). You could then sit back and enjoy the rest of the tournament with a profit in your pocket.

BUT, the rest of the tournament may see many more high scoring games and the index may end up at say 105. In this case you would have made more had you let your bet ride.
Conversely, lots of close, low scoring games in the rest of the tournament could also see the index finish at 69, in which case you have lost £45 (78 - 69 = 9 x £5) had you let your bet ride. If we had a crystal ball...........!


Live game example. If you watch a football match for the first 10 minutes, and nasty tackles are flying in and tempers getting flared, you can enter the 'bookings' market at this point and hope that the bad tempers continue and the referee starts brandishing red and yellow cards.

Conversely, if you have been a buyer of bookings before the match started and half an hour into the game, both teams are playing as if it's a friendly, you could decide to cut your losses and close the bet by selling at the sell price. You will lose, but you wouldn't lose anywhere near as much as you would if you let the bet run to the end of the game in which there were no bookings.

Trading 'in running' also means that you can take any profit whenever you want. So, say you have been a buyer of something in an event, and it starts just as you thought, with lots of goals, bookings, runs, tries etc, the 'in running' spread will move up accordingly. You could then close all or part of your bet to lock in some profit, for example:

You have been a buyer of 'shirt numbers' in the Man City v Newcastle game (the 'shirts' index is the goal scorers shirt numbers in the game - added together).

The spread is quite high at 51-54 at the start of the game, because Anelka is 39, Robert 32 etc, but you have bought at £5 per point at 54, in the hope that there will be plenty of goals. After 5 minutes the spread has dropped a couple of points to 49-52 as there have been no goals (so you could buy or sell at this point), but then Anelka (no.39) scores. The new spread rises to 88-91. If you wished you could close your bet straight away by selling at £5 point at 88 (the new sell price) and lock in your profit which would be (88 - 54) = 34 points x £5 = £170 - in 5 minutes!! You can then sit back and watch the game knowing that you have made your money regardless of what then happens. You could also close part of your bet, by selling at 88 for either £1,£2,£3,£4 per point, thereby locking in part of your profit and letting the remainder ride

In running operates in all live events. Try watching a football match on Sky Sports 1 and use the Sporting Index in running text facility to watch the prices changing as the match progresses - text page 681. It is also worth comparing Sporting's prices with those of Spreadex which can be found on page 299, just to see how they compare and change. Alternatively, watch the game whilst online and watch the prices changes during the course of the event - using this facility, you can also trade in/out of bets online - sporting index website

In running bets apply to all sports that are televised. Please visit the spread firms websites for further details using the link above.


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