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Sporting Index Weather Specials

Every Summer and Winter the market makers at Sporting Index offer us the chance to predict which will be the hottest day of Summer and the coldest day of Winter!

This year's Winter spread is already located on the Sporting Index website -under the section headed 'Weather Specials'.

There are two spreads available this Winter, first is the Coldest UK Winter Temperature (C), for which the spread is -15.25 - -14.5 degrees. This seems a little on the low side, considering these days of global warming and greenhouse gases in abundance!

The second spread is '2010/2011 Coldest UK Winter Day: December 1st = 1 and February 28th = 90. The spread is set at 49 - 52, so do you think that the coldest day this winter will occur before Jan 18th (49th day) or after Jan 21st (52nd day)? If you take a view on when the coldest day will occur you need to get on before December 1st when the spread closes.

Coldest Temp.
Warmest Temp.
- 18.4C / -1.12F Aviemore
31.8C / 89.24F Wisley

Check out the weather special spreads at Sporting Index here

Saw this post on a weather forum blog, when researching if it would be a cold winter -ever feel like other people are speaking another language? This guy won't feel the cold at all with his anorak on -even if the house...

"It is too early for me to try and predict what type of winter we shall see this year, however, over the coming months there are a number of factors that I will be keeping an eye on.

These are:
ENSO state and base atmospheric state sequelae
Stratospheric state
North Atlantic SST's
NH snow and ice cover levels.

To this we already know that we have solar min conditions and a westerly QBO.

Furthermore, as the winter season progresses, the phase of the GWO (which looks to be locked in La Nina) and the MJO will need to be monitored. Also there is the wild card of a SSW.

A lot to consider."

Does anyone here speak 'Weatherman'?



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