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Introduction To Spread Betting

Welcome To The Wonderful World of Sports Spread Betting!
If you're a devoted sports-watcher like we are and know your sports events both inside and out, then the wonderful world of Sports Spread Betting is definitely for you!

What Do All The Numbers Mean?
At first glance, spread betting might appear to be just random numbers that make little or no sense. Once you know that the numbers that you see are merely the top price (buying) and bottom price (selling) of the event 'spread' -then you'll come to realise that it's just like the 'stock market of sports'.

An example would be the quote for the number of corners in a football match (10-11), so if you thought there would be more than 11 you would buy, if you thought there would be very few in the match then you would sell at 10 and hope it would be lower. Just like if you thought shares were going to go up and down -you would buy or sell to back up your judgement.

You can learn exactly how the spread markets operate on our Tutorial page and for specific sports in our Tips section. There's also a Training Centre to be found at Sporting Index which has two great sections -The Academy and The Guide, both are well worth a look.

What Are The Advantages of Spread Betting?
Ever seen your team concede a last-minute equalizer when you were seconds away from landing a big bet? Would you have settled for 95% of your winnings right before that goal went in?
If the answer is YES, then Spread Betting is for you...

With Spread Betting you can get involved and get out with a profit one minute later -in fact, you can even bet on a match before it starts and close out with a sizeable profit before the kick-off!

How Do I Get Started?
The first thing to do is to open an account at one of the major spread betting companies. Take a look at our review page of the top spread firms -we'd recommend joining Extrabet.com the most innovative, Sporting Index, the biggest or Spreadex the 2nd largest -all of whom have generous offers when you open an account.



Sporting Index

So How Do I Learn More About Sports Spread Betting?
If you want to learn about the world of sports spread betting, how it works and more importantly, how to make it pay -then you might want to check out the best book ever written on the subject:

An Insider's Guide - Dan Townend

Book Description
To compile this definitive and (relatively) up-to-date guide to all aspects of Sports Spread Betting, Daniel Townend interviewed countless insiders in spread betting firms and sports journalism plus successful punters.

The book includes chapters on the major individual sports, details all the different markets offered and the differences between the spread betting firms.

The Definitive and Up-To-Date Guide to Sports Spread Betting has sections on:

1) The philosophy of a spread bettor
2) Lies, damned lies and statistics...but how the spread firms swear by them.
3) What moves the market...what traders are thinking when they are setting markets
4) Money-management - know what your losses could be
5) In-running betting
6) Football - Why, despite being the national obsession, football is the hardest on which to win
7) Cricket and how it is the perfect spread bet sport
8) Rugby - The elite teams and inside comment from Ian Robertson
9) Golf - The majors vs. the run of the mill competitions.
10) American Football, Motor Racing & Greyhound Racing
11) Politics - The intrigue of insider information from the halls of Westminster with inside comment from Peter Kellner

We read this book cover to cover in one sitting. It is a riveting read if you're into Spread Betting, it covers all sports and all types of bets. Highly recommended for both beginners and/or experienced spread bettors.

Published: 1/6/03 Pages: 224 Price: £12

This is a great opportunity to use your vast knowledge of sporting events and the potential of the players/teams involved -in order to gain from it financially.

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