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Sports Spread Betting - The Open

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Sporting Index are offering Spread Bets on 4 of the 18 holes:

4th Hole - Dun and Dusted Index - 270 -290
Points as follows:
1pt per birdie
5pts per eagle
50pts per albatross

SSB 4th Hole Review:
560 yards par 5
The 4th hole is normally played downwind and if the players can find the fairway from the tee, most will be able to get on in 2. This will set up lots of eagle chances.

In terms of the points index, there will be loads of birdies on this hole, but at 1pt per a time, these aren't going to make you many points. It will be the number of eagles that will decide where this index finishes, as Albatrosses are extremely rare.

There are 156 players, so after 2 rounds there will have been 312 players through the 4th hole. Approximately half will make the cut, so over the second 2 days another 150 will play the hole. Altogether therefore approx 462 players will play the hole.

If you are buying, you will need there to be around 40 eagles to be in profit - 200 points added to the approx 100 birdies. This is possible if the wind blows in the normal direction! If it doesn't this index will come up short.

8th Hole Performance Index - 'First Class Stamp' - 210 -220
Points as follows:
2pts per birdie
100pts per hole in one

SSB 8th hole Review -123 yards Par 3
The famous Postage Stamp hole is a simple hole provided the pro's hit the green! It's certainly a short hole, at 123 yards one of the shortest holes on the Major circuit.

This performance bet has only 2 elements to it - birdies and hole in ones. Much again depends upon the wind. There will be loads of birdies here if the wind behaves, but as it gets up, these will become much more difficult. Hole in ones are impossible to predict.
If you ignore hole in ones, the index will need around 110 birdies just to hit the spread. Bearing in mind that there will be 462 players playing the hole - that is 1 in 4 which is high.
Our view is that this bet hinges on Hole in Ones. If you think that there will be a Hole in One - BUY, if you think not SELL. Probably best left alone.

8th Hole Disaster Index 'Lost in the Post' - Index - 160 - 170
Points as follows:
1pt per bogey
3pts per double bogey
5pts per triple bogey or worse

SSB 8th Hole Disaster Index Review
As said above, this is a simple hole unless the wind blows! There are 5 bunkers surrounding the putting surface and a steep bank if players go through the back.
There will be some dropped shots on this hole, but there will need to be an awful lot if you are buying. We would recommend a sell of this index.

11th Hole Disaster Index 'Railway to Hell'
Index - 315 - 335
Points as follows:
Cummulative Totals of double bogeys and worse:
6 = 6pts
7 = 7pts etc

SSB 11th Hole review: 490 yards Par 4
The 11th used to be a par 5 and was the easiest hole on the course. Now it is a Par 4 and is the toughest.
The players can't see the fairway through the gorse from the tee and there is gorse up the right. The second shot is a long iron with the railway line out of bounds to the right of the green.
If the wind blows this is going to be a really expensive hole for all of the players. There will be some big scores here, but the index is high to take this into account. As a buyer, you will need around 60 players out of 462 to double bogey it - 1 in 7. This is unlikey. We recommend a sell.

17th Hole Disaster Index - 'Rabbit Droppings'
Index - 175 - 185
Points as follows:
1pt per shot dropped - 4 = 1pts, 5 = 2pts etc

SSB 17th Hole Review: 222 yards Par 3
This is the toughest Par 3 on the course. It's a long hole and often into the wind. A big green, but it sheds the ball left and right if the tee shot isn't perfect. There is also a lot of trouble to the right.
We think that the index here again is high. There will be shots dropped, but if you buy, you need 185 players to bogey the hole out of 462 to break even. That's too many even assuming a few 5s and 6s. We recommend a sell.




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